Building Successful Transformations

With the marketplace now requiring high volume, high quality products to be brought to market very quickly very reliable and fast methods are needed to ensure that product quality remains high.This is why AOI, automatic/automated optical inspection is an important tool in an integrated electronics quality inspection strategy which detects the faults early in the production line and hence ensure the low costs of the device.
It is our pleasure being customer's partner to help perform all the visual checks far more swiftly and accurately.

Breakthrough Limits : Challenges and opportunities

AI ,an enabler of flexible production,has been a buzzword for years. With Industry 4.0, the focus is often on automation and algorithms , automatic optical inspection(AOI) is a key technique used in the manufacture , it brings both challenges and opportunities. Growing trends towards the utilization of smaller components, a lot of advanced component packaging, finer lead pitches, and advanced printed-circuit-board (PCB) densities increase the need for AOI.
Machine vision will be a critical part of automation systems, Vision systems are one of the primary tools to be considered by manufacturers looking to automate and enhance their production process. MG's optical technology comes in different designs, sizes and shapes to suit any application, but possess the same core elements. Our wide variety of applications makes this technology highly flexible and innovative. In the future, we are sure to see many advances in the popularity and quality of our customers.