Customization Makes Differentiation Items More Attractive

Fresnel lenses are used to increase visibility, which allows large aperture 、 short focal length and capture more oblique light from a light source. Further more , it can be made much compact than a comparable conventional lens. MG 's experience could not only offer0.3x ~3.5xbetter magnification ratio but also reasonable cost.

Unlike a typical spherical or spherical optical lenses, Fresnel Lens consists of a series of narrow, narrow grooves centered on the surface of a lightweight plastic sheet to reduce thickness, weight, and cost. Its applications include lighting, Fresnel lamp, headlight, projector, Fresnel magnifying glass, Fresnel TV, capacitor system, Fresnel spotlight, car headlight, solar Fresnel lens, Fresnel backlit display, passive detector movement, Traffic light, Fresnel lens photoelectric, Fresnel solar concentrator, collimator, Fresnel flight simulation, Optical landing system and LED magnifying glass.

Lighting System provided as customization service, of which Fresnel Lens Lighting Technology is a core structure
Unique & Specialized Design - Japan & R.O.C patent award-winning

  1. The method of specimen illumination, Köhler illumination, adapted to generate Illumination Uniformaity.
  2. Well experience with Sigma Aperature , which brings 1.5x Resolution and 2x DOF compared to market availability.
  3. Multiple light sources support , including Incandescent lamp、Halogen lamp、LED and Fiber
Mejiro Genossen's unique design, obtained Japanese patent
Mejiro Genossen's unique design, obtained Chinese patent

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