Fresnel lens lighting technology

Unique&Specialized Design-Japan & R.O.C patent award-winning

  • The method of specimen illumination, Köhler illumination, used to generate Illumination Uniformaity.
  • Having good experience with Sigma Aperature , which brings 1.5x Resolution and 2x DOF compared to market availability.
  • Multiple light sources support , including Incandescent lamp、Halogen lamp、LED、Fiber
Fresnel lens lighting technology
Fresnel lens lighting technology


Lens Polishing technology larger than 230mm

Large Size Lens Processing Technology 

  • MG designs and manufactures a wide array of optical lens , we take pride in offering max Ø230mm lens size.


UV coating technology

Indestructible Cotaing Technology to highlight quality

  • MG offers a special coating based on the element, fluorine .
  • MG offers a wide varity of coating materials ,including MgF2、Al2O3、OH5、SiO2、MgO、TiO、TNO.